Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Another Cloak

So the friend who requested the cloak I showed you earlier in this blog, asked for another to give as a gift to a fellow SCA enthusiast. This person likes red. But in order for the cloak not to look like Little Red Riding Hood, I needed to think of something different.
I found this beautiful tapestry fabric in the home dec section of Fashion Fabrics Club. Conveniently, it had a nice repeating pattern that was easily divide-able in straight lines. I edged it with black velvet ribbon instead of folding the edges under since the fabric ravels easily and is bulky. Dry clean only! Even though I did pre-wash the red wool melton. In the second photo of the cutting layout, it shows how I had to cheat a bit since the wool did shrink, and the pattern would not fit onto the fabric. Oh, well, it's such a large expanse of fabric I thought, it won't be noticed. Here, my son is modeling the cloak. Yes, I did make the boots that he is wearing, too, using directions from a book called The Medieval Tailor's Assistant. 

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