Wednesday, January 5, 2011

More Uptown Downtown

Such an easy dress to make as a Christmas gift for my DD. (See my last entry for more info on this pattern.) The bodice is made in rayon knit, and the skirt in a textured poly knit. For this version, I tried cutting down the neckline a bit further, though not too much. Just shaved off about 1/2" down in the front only. The neckline is still a lot higher than I would like, and this rayon is very stretchy. The edge of the ribbing curls out a bit. I'm very happy with how the navy poly fabric was just right for the skirt part of the dress. I had made a top in it, which turned out to be not very breathable.

 Another way to wear the espresso version.

Trudy of HotPatterns was right when she mentioned I would be making a lot of these.  Also, if you are at all interested in sewing this dress, you should watch Trudy's great video on how to do it!

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