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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Winner! had a Sewing for Men contest, and I entered the pea coat I made for Eamon. This was the first thing Eamon ever asked me to make for him so I had to admit I was delighted, and worked on it steadily until it was finished. The pattern is Burda Magazine 10-2006-129. They made it up in leather and their pockets were placed much higher due to the belt in the design. I eliminated the belt and made it in black heavy wool. My pattern review

I also entered the Pendleton wool shirt I made as a Christmas present for Mike. Got some nice comments on this, too, but the pea coat was very popular, and it won 1st place! The prize is a free online class at Excellent--I will use it!

Sewing for Men Large

By the way, I have a group on called Sewing for Men. I've been trying to get it going, but it has bee tough attracting entries, so spread the word!

Sewing is power!