Saturday, August 31, 2013

Coat Lining

Oh, what a glorious Saturday, and how relaxing it is to be finishing a coat that already looks good. 



Estate Coat

It's certainly time for a blog restart! Now made much easier via an iPhone app.
My current project: a coat for Isabel before she goes off to college. 
Pattern: Burdastyle mode 102 August 2013
Fabric: Brown heathered wool, prewashed
Lining: Chinese style brocade, polyester (probably)
Here's the model pic from the magazine.

And so far, here's what I've got. No lining yet, and unhemmed. I thought my wool fabric would be too light for a coat, but with all the pieces sewn together, it actually has a hefty weight! Plus, my lining is going to have some body as well.
The Burda directions actually have you doing bound buttonholes, which I should have looked up on the Colette website before I went and did half of them the more time-consuming way. On to the lining!

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