Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Mini Cardi Goes Everywhere

I bought this pattern from HotPatterns on sale for $9.95.  I have no idea when this first came out, but what a classic this is. Too bad HotPatterns doesn't have any more, but maybe you can find another source like eBay.

I have only made the mini cardi so far. Here is my daughter in the first version I made, in heathered blue ITY fabric. Second version, also blue, in cotton knit. I let Isabel choose and I guess the slinky ITY fabric appealed more to her. In the next version, I interfaced the front band (not including the back neck) and brought the sides in a bit. It is cut very straight, and the shape was improved by tapering the sides. 

 I'm working on a gold lame version, also short-sleeved hip-length. I bought this fabric from Vogue Fabrics in Illinois, "gold metallic knit on brown", 3.99/yd. It is very pretty although completely synthetic fiber. I had my iron set on low(silk/synthetic) but somehow melted a spot in the front when I was pressing the seam. I already had the sleeves set in, so I didn't want to replace the piece. Well, this is a good reason to add the pockets, so that's what I did.
 The fabric (did I mention "synthetic"?) does not press well at all, but luckily the interfacing I bought from Fashion Sewing Supply greatly improved the ease of handling. This stuff is so nice! My gold metallic knit was proving to be real disappointingly cheap-o fabric, and Pro-Weft medium fusible interfacing fused to it easily and beautifully!  Though I try never to do hand-basting, this seemed necessary to get the patch pockets looking accurate and even. The pockets took a little extra time, but they look so nice.

Here is a tip for setting in 2-pc raglan sleeves. Sew the underarm seam first, leaving the shoulder seam open. Sew this to the back/front assembly. THEN sew the upper seam on the sleeve. Duh! So much easier! Or maybe you already knew this, but I didn't!
Check back for more pictures next time!

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