Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Goddess T-shirt

Well it seems I'm drawn to designs reminiscent of classical Greece. While browsing through Off the Cuff   I was intrigued by one of the new HotPatterns she was exclaiming over. I had tried two HotPatterns before, and though I liked the concept and loved the drawings, the actual garments I had made seemed a bit, well, not right on. But okay, so it's easy to click on links and soon enough I found the absolutely charming HotPattern videos. I have to admit, it doesn't take much to sell me on anything having to do with sewing! These videos are wonderful and I just loved that there is a story behind each design--of course! Found myself ordering 3 patterns, one of which is the Deco Vibe Mighty Aphrodite Draped T-Shirts pattern. I was thinking of making it for Isabel, my 16-year-old Greek Goddess. 
A while ago, I was going crazy over ITY fabric, and bought a boxful from FabricMart. I still have quite a bit left, and when I saw the Mighty Aphrodite pattern, I knew ITY's drape and stretch would be perfect for it. Also, it seems wrinkleproof and almost indestructible.The chocolate color was supposed to be my muslin, but I think it actually looks better than the red, which, even for the holidays, seems a little bit unnatural. Take a look at the two different colors. They are both exactly the same size, except I noticed on the red version, that the sleeves were a bit loose so I cut the hem off, tightened the sleeve and re-hemmed so it is a little shorter. Isabel also prefers the chocolate. I thought it would look quite dull, but it actually looks great with her hair color.

 And good news! I found a stash of fine rayon knit to make a version for myself! It will be in dark gray, maybe a size up.

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Rachel said...

That is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I love drapey clothing.

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