Belted Bubble Dress

Another HotPattern that I couldn't put away! Love this one. It's the Classix Nouveau Uptown Downtown Knit Dress.  I am only showing two versions here, but as soon as I get photos of the others I will post them.

1) I can sew up the whole thing with just my serger, on 4-thread stitch.
2) It is very comfortable.
3) I can use light-weight or heavier-weight knit fabrics.
4) I can change the look very easily with different accessories.
5) The pattern has 3 different sleeve options included.
6) I can sew a trendy look by using a different fabric for the top and the skirt.

I had to experiment a bit with different neckline-to-ribbing ratios, and modify the neckline as well as the hem ribbing.

The blue version is in wool jersey. No need to line it; it is very comfortable. That black belt is waaaay old. Though I still remember I paid $60 for it, 20 years ago. Maybe that's why I can't get rid of it. At least it still fits! 

The espresso version is also in wool jersey, but in a much lighter weight fabric. I cut the pattern neckline down about an inch in front for the brown version, but what the heck(?) it's still higher than I thought it would be. More neckline adjustments are to be made. I thought I was modest, but modesty does not have to be unflattering. (sshhh! Those shoes are only for standing-still photographs.)
I cut the hem ribbing way down, to a ratio of about 3/4. I like it much better this way--the silhouette is much more trim and modern. I think HotPatterns meant for you to gather the hem edge into the ribbing, but the pattern has the ribbing cut way too big. So big that there is a danger of the ribbing flaring out--oh no. But stand by for more versions--I can't wait to show you!


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