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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Blue Velvet Gloves

Why make gloves?What attracted me was that gloves take hardly any fabric. No interfacing, and seemingly little time. It's just another thing I wanted to be able to make.
Vogue V8311 offers 9 different variations on the woman's glove. I chose view A, without sewing on the jeweled embellishments. The blue velvet needs no embellishment, don't you agree? In fact, I was surprised at how elegant these make my hands look, elongating my fingers and slenderizing my wrists...  My amateur photography just doesn't show any of this.
I was expecting to be doing a bit of hair-pulling, but maybe because of my choice of fabric, this project was actually fairly easy. The stretch blue-velvet panne hides any sewing imperfections, and does not unravel at all. 
Next project-- After finishing these, I started diggi
ng in my stash and scraps for fabric for the next pair of glamour gloves. I found just enough fine milk chocolate-colored kid leather! Makes it not so bad that my DD just ran away with the blue ones...

The thumb piece sewn   Glove pieces


Before adding gussets

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