Silk Jacket

What drew me to this Onion pattern was the simplicity of the design. Ties instead of buttons. No pockets. Band collar rather than notched.
This became the chosen pattern for the silk tweed in my stash. I once had a cream wool jacket(from the 80's!) with wide black banding at the edges which was really me. So, keeping that in mind, I deduced that black details would make this jacket successful. I am surprised at how good it looks in the photo. 
One small problem is that--maybe you knew it--this jacket cannot be worn open! So it's a good thing I made it from breathable silk, and silk lining which feels like a dream.
Another small problem with it is that the wide overlap in front creates quite some bulk right there. I suppose I could get used to it. But if the jacket is always worn closed, why put up with the overlap? Maybe the underlap side should be cut a few inches narrower on the inside, or angled a bit.

The back view

I added an extra pair of back darts. I am beginning to realize this is a consistent alteration.

One other thing, this jacket sure reminds me of a karate ghee!


katherine h said…
very stylish indeed!

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