Blouse-back T

This is my first Blouse-back T by HotPatterns, a wearable muslin in rayon and rayon-lycra fabrics. I used a size 8, though my measurements are size 10, because I have narrow shoulders and this pattern doesn't have a close fit in the waist or hips. I compared the front pattern piece to my blouse sloper, and found that I should take some area out of the middle. (I usually do a small-bust-adjustment.) So I took 5/8" out of the middle of the front piece before I cut the fabric (which is 2x that).
 The neckline looks much higher than the pattern illustration. That is probably due to 2 things: I cut a smaller size than my measurements/my hack alteration, and the back is pulling up the front. No problem--I like the neckline where it is for this shirt, but will probably cut it 1.5 inches lower on the next version.
It looks like the side seam is also pulling to the front here. That is because the weight of the back is pulling down.  The rayon with lycra is a heavier fabric, but the front is cut out of a double layer because of the transparency of the black rayon. That could also be why that back looks very long in the next photo. I am not concerned about the side seam, as I like the effect of part of the back fabric being visible from the front.

I also doubled the yoke piece, in order to give better support to the gathers, and to enclose the gathers on the inside.

I'll be shortening the back hem by about 4 inches next time. 

Things I love about this pattern:
It is very, very comfortable.
The sleeves are nicely drafted.
The versatility of color contrast.
It is on-trend but easy and flattering.
If I gain 10 pounds I can still wear this shirt.

Expect more of these to come!


Sarah C said…
I like your wearable muslin! The sleeves are great looking.

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