Denim Moto Jacket

I think I am developing an obsession with this HotPatterns Denim Diva Biker Babe jacket. First I made a wool tweed version and now, here is my denim version. I love that there is a yoke and a full collar on this jacket, and that it can be zipped all the way up if you needed to keep the wind from getting at your neck. I've altered my pattern so that I have a very nice comfortable fit. This jacket goes with everything from shorts to dresses. It can be either casual or a bit dressy.

Inside out, front
This version is not lined, but bound with contrast binding. A tutorial for how to apply the binding (this is where I got my inspiration for doing it to this jacket) is here given by HotPatterns, although it is a different jacket. Since I planned to topstitch most of my seams, I applied the binding to both edges of the seam allowances together. That means only half the work of binding for the seams. I used purchased seam binding because I found out it is very inexpensive through WAWAK. They call it bias tape hem facing, and I used 7/8".

Inside out, back

For the pockets, I made a window to topstitch the zipper into, then sewed a patch to the inside of the jacket behind the zipper.

Inside view of the pocket
Actually the right side of the above photo is "up".

I suppose I could have shaved more area off the top of the sleeve in order to make it ease in better. You are perhaps wondering if the tucks are supposed to be gathers. I eased it in the best I could but decided to leave the fullness in this way. I am not sure if it has to do with the bias cut. 

I extended the width of the hem bands by 5/8" from what the pattern was.

When sewing the points of the collars, I took 2 stitches diagonally before turning the corner.


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