Sword & Skull Bag

Last year when I took up fencing I made myself a fencing equipment bag, just because I could. As a true designer might expect, contemplating the design took longer than making the bag. Not wanting to go through this again, I thought I would never make another one. But as it turned out, I really wanted to contribute something original to our fencing salle's fundraising event, so I donated a "custom-made fencing bag".  Before I made this one, I wrote down instructions for myself with the intention of making it available online for free eventually. Burdastyle.com is inspiring me to create my own patterns and share them. They even have the instructions for creating a .pdf file for patterns and uploading them.

The person who "won" this bag at auction really likes red. And I had the cool silver skull brocade fabric which I snatched up on ebay--I knew somebody would like it! 
 Who knows if anyone else is interested in sewing a fencing bag, but if fencing becomes more popular, maybe those grammas could get involved...


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