Teardrop Bag

06 Teardrop Bag and 07 Key Keeper Coin Purse

Adorable style
Size and shape of bag
Only 3 pattern pieces for Teardrop bag
Only 2 pattern pieces for Key Keeper
Simple construction

Wimpy interfacing

Key Keeper Coin Purse
Just looking at this bag makes me happy. My everyday bag is a big black leather and silver hardware thing with lots of pockets on the outside and on the inside. I never noticed how ugly it is until I made my Teardrop bag. I won't be using my Teardrop bag every day, since it would soon be loaded and weighted down with all the odd items every mom ends up carrying. But for the quick run to the store, a nice dinner out, a swim-team parent meeting, Sunday mass, or any time I don't feel like lugging my heavy toolbox/black-leather-purse, I can throw my wallet and my cell phone into this bag and be free.  I haven't made a lot of bags, and in my garment sewing frenzy, it's hard to change to a bag-sewing mode. But think of it: a bag is something you wear! And no fitting is needed! Also, you don't really have to determine if that shock of color would look good near your face--if you like it, make it into a bag.
The only thing I would change is to try using a bit heavier interfacing, though it might make the pleat not so crisp. Maybe the solution is to iron on two layers, avoiding the pleat area, but especially around the magnet clasp. 
If you don't already have this book, I enthusiastically recommend it. The photos are absolutely luscious, and the directions are very clear and thorough. You just can't go wrong by following these directions. In fact, after making a couple of these bags, you should be able to use Amy's technique to design your own. 


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