More Jalie Crossover Top

I am so excited about how little time it takes to make this top, basically a T-shirt which can be worn just about anywhere. It is comfortable enough for casual wear, but much nicer than a regular T-shirt. I decided to make one up for Isabel in polka-dotted rayon knit, taking a bit more time due to setting up the cover stitch machine for the hems and making a facing for the back neck.

The pattern directions have you finishing the neck by turning and stitching. This is fine for children's tops, in a sturdier knit such as cotton, and you could add some sort of stabilizer under the turn-and-stitch finish.

Turn and stitch back neckline

But I learned a great technique for a knit neckline from HotPatterns.

The facing is only on the back neckline but neatly encloses and reinforces part of the shoulder seams.
Here are some photos which show the steps to sewing in the facing. (Sorry for the stripes; they show up because of my fluorescent lighting.) I drew a back facing using the back pattern piece as guide, then cut and interfaced the piece.

After attaching the facing to the back piece, sew the shoulder seams. Then, turn the facing down over toward the front.

After the facing has been applied and turned to the correct side, stitch down the edge with a zigzag stitch to keep it from flipping on you.


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