Ready for Winter

While it is still pretty warm to be trying on a wool coat, Isabel gladly modeled it for me, as she was quite excited to receive a nice coat.
There are several things about this design that I really like. The belt detail is a bit unusual and actually doesn't look bad unfastened. When the belt is unbuttoned, it doesn't hang down too low, and there's no way to lose it. Or instead, it can be left fastened while the rest of the coat is unbuttoned, for a bit of climate control. While the size and shape of the patch pockets can easily be customized, the idea here is that they are nice and deep, so things don't fall out as easily. And finally, the oh-so-easy-to-construct collar can be worn up to guard against wind, or folded down, and there was no notch construction to deal with. 
I wanted this coat to be roomy enough to wear with a sweater, so I made a size 40, with no alterations, and I am quite happy with the fit. 


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