Moto Jacket

 I needed another short jacket. This is HotPatterns Denim Diva Biker Babe Jacket. Oh yeah, me--a biker babe, heehee! Love this jacket though. In wool, it looks kind of classy I think.
Making the muslins was not fun. Check my pattern review, link on the right side of this page, for details of my alterations. I get very impatient, but now I've got a finished product, and I can still go on to tweak the pattern here and there. In the next version I'll take it in a bit more, and change the pockets. Maybe widen the hip band.
I really didn't have to alter the back pattern pieces at all.

The feel of this chocolate-colored charmeuse is wonderful! Lining a jacket is so absolutely worth it.

And now, here are some snapshots of the pattern pieces I've re-drafted.


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